Clorox Girls (s​/​t)

by Clorox Girls

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released September 27, 2016



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Clorox Girls Portland, Oregon

Clorox Girls began when guitarist and singer Justin Maurer met drummer Clay Silva in 2003 when both were living in a punk rock squat populated by doom-struck crust punks. Tired of the gloomy and abrasive music they were hearing,they decided to form a band that paid homage to their love of poppy old-school punk. After a 7 year hiatus, Clorox Girls' classic first album lineup is back on tour . ... more

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Track Name: The One
I am the one
The Saving Son
Please Blow My Mind
Never Be Done
Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me
Am I the One
Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me
I am the one
I am the one
Track Name: Walks The Streets
When she walks the streets
Indecision in her eyes
But with a purposeful stride
Exudes a confident enterprise

I don't wanna be around nervous vibes
Something violent deep inside
Why do you run when we can fly
Pleasure at the hand of a mastermind

With carnivorous precision
She comes back for more
Gotta get her head out of her mind
Stop the visions of a third world war
Track Name: Not My Hometown
This Is Not My Home Town
No No
This is Not My Home Town

Trying not to intercept
Emotions from before
It's the present purgatory of amnesia
Don't want to remember no more

This is not my home town

Wanna fuck in the street
Wanna kick in the window
Wanna be obscene
Live out violent day dream
Track Name: The Press
All around such a sad sad tone
Everybody sitting all alone

After eviction where to go
Hard to smile when you've got no home
But come on babe it's one last chance
To have a party and do the dance

Oh Yeah

It's a dance party at the press tonight
Good clean fun throughout the night
Thrusting our hips up and down
Everybody's happy without a frown

All the kids letting their dreadlocks down
Bubbles and suds it's a party all around

At the press everybody wears pink
Girls shave their armpits in the sink
Landlord dancing with no shirt on
And the hot boys show off their brawn

Oh yeah

It's a spring break party at the press tonight
We get evicted at midnight
But we party until dawn
And copulate on the front lawn

Oh yeah
Track Name: Vietnam
It's the time for roaming
In a time of peace & war
It's the time for honing
Our armies' sharpened steel

It's the time for Vietnam
It's the time for me and you

And we're waiting for the bomb

It's the time for sirens
Hear their mating call
We become pregnant
As daisy cutters fall
Track Name: Time For Losing
It's the Time For Losing
When you go to jail
It's the time for losing
When your grandma posts your bail

You know it's true
Should've listened to you
What can I do
It's in my head

It's the time for losing
When you ain't got no job
It's the time for losing
When you act like your mom